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We are dimeo, a company founded in 1990. We are dedicated to distributing quality and trust through our products. we are leaders in the field, since we have the largest infrastructure and distribution network in the country, to offer you the number one brands in the national and international market. in t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, uniforms and more, our solutions are guaranteed.


The best garments and the best decoration for uniforms, campaigns and advertising from a garment


We are a company with a presence in the main cities of Mexico, dedicated to the manufacture, marketing and direct sale of garments for campaigns, advertising and uniforms. We are a team of creative, expert and passionate people in the creation of decoration techniques and new garments. We are your answer and creative solution. With us: assemble your garment here. and now


Quality, knowledge, experience, responsibility and commitment.

Reflected in:

Service, speed, control and a job well done.

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